Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's All About Blur [Episode II]

I just started to collect Blur stuff ever since 're-discovering' them last year. Some are expensive but it's worth it because if you're a fan, and when you saw something you like, it's like 'I have to have that!'. They are my current 'prized possessions'.

PS: I wish some record store companies here in the Philippines will sell out Blur's 8th upcoming album, 'The Magic Whip'. I will find a way and I will have 'The Magic Whip'. 
*wink, wink*

Introducing, my current Blur collection!
(as of March 14, 2015)

- Blur: Leisure (US Press) 
- Blur: Parklife (US)
- Blur: The Great Escape (US)
- Blur: Blur (Japanese Edition)
- Blur: Think Tank (PH)
- Blur: The Best Of (US)
- Blur: The Best Of casette (PH)
- Blur - Midlife: a Beginner's Guide to Blur (PH)
- Blur: Parklive - Live in Hyde Park DVD (UK)
- Blur: Parklife [Remastered 2CD Special Edition] (UK)

I bought everything on both of the pictures except for the 'Blur - Parklive - Live in Hyde Park - 12th August 2012' DVD, I won it from Rhino Records UK Twitter contest last January 3, 2015! It's like I won a pot of gold! ^_^

I made my own 'Blur and Weezer Box' using a used biscuit container which I customized it to store some of my CD's, DVD's, and cassette.
My Blur and Weezer items are all present! I will still collect more in the future.

Ain't that cute?

With love, 

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