Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's All About Blur [Episode I]

What do you usually think of when you've heard the song called 'Song 2', or better known as 'Woo-Hoo' to some other people? Song 2's guitar riffs really sounded like 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana - a hit 90's grunge band originated from the US. So I thought it was Nirvana. I remember listening to 'Song 2' on TV back in my elementary years (circa 2005-2006) but never get the chance to know who sang that awesome song.


'Song 2' by Blur from their 5th self-titled studio album, 'Blur' (1997).

2013 - the year I've thought about the British alternative rock band, 'Blur'. I saw them in a YouTube video while browsing some of the best 90's songs (video posted below), and it showed a clip of their song, 'Girls and Boys'. 'G&B' is pretty catchy, and I can sing-along into it. I got so hooked that lately I began to search who are these 'Blur' and what are their popular songs?

This video is to blame for my obsession with Blur. HA!

'Girls and Boys' by Blur from their 3rd album, 'Parklife' (1994).

Luckily that there's Wikipedia - oh how I owe you one. Based on the Blur's Wiki page, they are composed of 4 members -- all from England. They are: Alex James - the bassist, Damon Albarn - the vocalist, Dave Rowntree - the drums, and lastly, Graham Coxon - guitars. I clicked each one of their profiles on Wiki, and little did I know that Damon is the mind behind Gorillaz - an English virtual band. I love Gorillaz especially their 'DARE' song.

Back to the story, as soon as I learned about Blur, I quickly searched for their music through Spotify. And as a casual music listener who only listens to genres depending on her mood, I was kinda shocked when I realized that 'Song 2' and 'Girls and Boys'  are both sung by only one band, and it's BLUR!

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Now look where my obsessions are now. I began to collect their merchandise, and all other stuff. If you want to see my current collection, please click the link below:

or even my super latest and updated collection!

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