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'Bit of a Blur: The Autobiography' by Alex James

"I've been longing to have these two books written by my favorite Blur member, Alex James and after months of waiting, they're finally here! Couldn't be more happier."


I don't really read books. I don't even consider myself as a bookworm, but when I do, I'll make sure the book is somewhat interesting. I have a few books but I never finished reading them. Anyway, I'll be sharing my mini review about my newly purchased book called 'Bit of a Blur: the Autobiography' by Alex James, hoping I'll finish reading this as soon as possible. Alex is my most favorite Blur member, maybe it's because I really love bassist players among the other members of my favorite bands then until now...and that's right, Alex is the bassist. That's probably the reason why I bought this book.

In my opinion, Bit of a Blur: the Autobiography is probably one of Alex's finest written work, and it's his first autobiography. He's actually a journalist and he regularly contributes in some UK newspapers. The book tells his story from his childhood, his journey and struggles up to where he met his future bandmates in Goldsmiths College later to be known as the British rock band, Blur. Additionally, a glimpse of his life in-and-outside the stardom of being with Blur.

Can't believe I'll call this as mine! Been looking forward to read this so bad!

TRIVIA: Bit of a Blur's cover image was taken from Blur's first compilation album, 'The Best Of' which was drawn by English visual artist, Julian Opie.
FYI: That's Alex on the cover - only made cartoony.. That's cute.

I was searching bookshelves and every aisle in National Bookstore since last year to find and purchase one, but unfortunately, it's not available there - not even in Fully Booked, or in Book Sale - or even worse, in the country. Luckily, with the help of my Instagram friend and book seller @bookcrazyzc, she ordered it for me at Book Depository with my own money. It took me months of waiting to receive my book but it was so worth it. I was shivering when she sent me a picture of the book to let me know that the book arrived safely from UK to the PH. Not to mention I also purchased the sequel of 'Bit of a Blur' book called, 'All Cheeses Great and Small: a Life Less Blurry' (picture is at the very top of this blog). I got those two books delivered by a courier to my house just last March 30, and it's cool because I just got home that time from school, and saw a package -- "I have that feeling that those are my books"!

BONUS: This book contains 3 sections of colored pictures printed on a glossy paper and each section has like, 4-6 pages of pictures!

My 'Bit of a Bluris in paperback, but a hardcover one is also available too. It has 288 pages (pretty thick!), and it was first published in 2007. Some pages include brilliant poetic lines and other intelligent/witty construction of sentences written by Alex James himself which is oh-so-interesting and delightful to read for any Blur fan!

Here's what the back cover looked like. Great comments from some media companies in the UK! This book is such a great read! NME was right, it's the BOOK of the YEAR!

I'm currently stucked on Chapter 2. I used my sticky notes to leave a mark where I ended. So far, the first chapter's great! I got so hooked about Alex's story during his childhood years!

Excerpt (from the back cover):

"I was the Fool-king of Soho and the number-one slag in the Groucho Club, the second drunkest member of the world's drunkest band. This was no disaster, though. It was a dream coming true."
For Alex James, music had always been a door to a more eventful life. But as bass player of Blur - one of the most successful British bands of all time - his journey was more exciting and extreme than he could ever have predicted. In Bit of a Blur he chronicles his journey from a slug-infested flat in Camberwell to a world of screaming fans and private jets - and his eventual search to find meaning and happiness (and, perhaps most importantly, the perfect cheese), in an increasingly surreal world.


DISCLAIMER: All opinions and reviews are mine. This isn't sponsored. I bought 'Bit of a Blur: the Autobiography' and ' 'All Cheeses Great and Small: a Life Less Blurry' with my own money.

With love, 

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