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Blur: The Great Escape [Special Edition]

Hey everyone, just wanna say that I love Blur so much!
Today, I'll be reviewing and showing you my Blur's 'The Great Escape [Special Edition]'.

The Great Escape [Remastered Special Edition] contents. ^_^

'The Great Escape' was Blur's fourth studio album and was originally released on September 6, 1995. The album's got 15 tracks all written by Mr. Damon Albarn himself, and the music was made by the rest of the band. 'Country House', the album's second track is Blur's first single to be at #1 on the UK Single Charts, beating their rival, the Oasis' 'Roll With It'. It was known as 'The Battle of Britpop'.

To know more about The Great Escape, click --->

Without further do, let's get started! ^_^

These pics shows what the box' dimensions (front, back, and side) images looked like. They just looked similar to the original album. Click to enlarge.

The Great Escape [Special Edition] was released during the Blur 21 campaign. Blur 21 happened during their reunion on the London Olympics in 2012, as well as their 21st year as a band and to commemorate the release of their very first album, Leisure, 21 years ago.

In short, all of their first five studio albums are remastered just like the one I have here (box sets are sold separately), a 180-gram heavy weight 7" vinyl box set which only includes Blur's albums, and the 'Blur 21 - The Box', it's the ultimate deluxe and limited edition box set which includes all the first 5 studio albums remastered (Leisure, Modern Life is Rubbish, Parklife, The Great Escape, and Blur), a collectable 7" vinyl with Seymour's track, 4 discs of rarities, 3 DVDs including two pivotal live shows, some live sessions, and some music videos, the box set also has a limited edition hardbound book telling the band's story from the start and some liner notes and new interviews for their each album. The box set also includes a note card which has a code to access bonus contents!

'The Great Escape [Special Edition]' is housed in a deluxe lift-off lid box with four exclusive Blur artwork postcards and an expanded booklet that includes previously unseen photos and liner notes based on a brand new interview with all the band members.
-- Description is taken from the Blur Official Store.

I bought my own copy of the TGE [SE] at a local online music store last March, and it was brand new! This is my second purchase of the Remastered Special Edition, my first one was Parklife (blog to be posted soon). I'm pretty much impressed how these editions are so worth it! But, I haven't listened to the whole album yet. However, I find this album one of the best soundtracks for summer because of the 'Britpop' feel. I like its 'poppy', and fun tune so I prefer this to listen on a very hot summer day, guaranteed to chill you out.

The Great Escape [Special Edition] includes: 
  1. Remastered (CD) edition of the original 'The Great Escape' album.
  2. Remastered (CD) B-Side tracks released during the TGE era.
  3. Expanded booklet including rare photos and interviews during the TGE era.
  4. 4 postcards taken during the TGE era.
  5. A card note that has an instructions on how can you avail the bonus contents. I repeat, BONUS CONTENTS!
The bonus contents includes the following:
  1. Bonus rare video during the TGE era.
  2. Album audio download of all the tracks in the 2CD as high quality 320 kbps.
  3. PDF downloads of Blurbs issues 15-18.
  4. Special Blur Official Store discount. :P

More info about the album directly to the Blur Official store >>

The Great Escape 2 CD's are stored both in a gatefold CD sleeve. Click to enlarge.

The CD designs are still looked like the original release ones. It's pretty cute 'cause they looked like an actual peppermint candy, or a 'lifebuoy' -- in case you didn't know, it's 'salbabida' in English.

What's inside the expanded booklet?:

At first, I thought the expanded booklet includes all the lyrics of The Great Escape album but I was wrong, the contents are only liner notes and a new interview about The Great Escape. It's okay anyway. 

Which one of The Great Escape's singles is your favorite?

My favorite tracks in the album are the following (and yes, they're TGE singles):
  1. Stereotypes
  2. Country House
  3. The Universal
  4. Charmless Man
The booklet's paper is oh so smooth! I love the pictures printed in there and it made me want to rip each pictures and tape it on my wall but at the same time I couldn't because I do not want to ruin one of my prized possessions!


Check out 'The Great Escape [Special Edition]' playlist on Spotify:

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Four postcards!!!

The Special Edition includes an exclusive set of four postcards printed on a quality hard and smooth paper. And as usual, I want to tape this on my room's wall and stare at it every time. You know that I'd like to build my own Blur 'Wall of Fame', or a shrine. ^_^

This is the special note card which includes the instructions on how you can avail the bonus contents.

Click here to know more -->

Well, this review ends here. I'd probably revise this when I've come up with new opinions, and etc. about this 'The Great Escape [Special Edition]'. See you in my next blog! ^_^


DISCLAIMER: All opinions and reviews are mine. This isn't sponsored. I bought 'The Great Escape [Special Edition]with my own money.

With love, 

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