Friday, May 1, 2015

Drawing Masterpiece

3:53 am - Way too early to wake up at a time like this but I can't sleep so that's why. But I thought, instead of trying going back to sleep, 'why not write a blog about one of my favorite drawings I ever drew in my entire life?'. I was into drawing anime style sketches and other stuff since I was in elementary, and it's my somewhat talent. I thank God for making me have this talent as a gift but I don't consider myself an artist - just a casual one. I own a sketchpad in which lots of my drawings are there. I just draw something when I'm bored or if I really want to.

So today, I'd like to share my 'masterpiece'. A portrait of Van from the PlayStation One console (by Square Soft) video game called 'Chrono Cross'. It's my number one favorite game on the classic PS One console because of its story, accompany music or soundtrack, great characters, and rich graphics. I was just simply drawn on how amazing RPG this game was. Indeed. It's one of a kind. Ever.

I drew this back in 2013. At that time, I left it just with plain sketch like this photo below, only pencil sketches can be seen:

But months later in that year, I decided to trace it using my technical pens I own because I can't stand how dull and boring it looked like. It looks so plain to me. I want to make my drawing stand out. So, this happened:

The following year (2014), when I bought new sets of color pencils and gel pens for my planner and stationery matters, I finally made a decision to pop it with some color so it'll be much more appealing to the naked eye and makes it look more so lively and colorful. I really love how it looked like now. 

Showing off the entire transformation of my drawing of Van from Chrono Cross be like:

When the 'Makeup Transformation' became a trend last year, I made my own as 'Drawing Transformation'. I know my drawing doesn't exactly looked like the original portrait but I still did my best in the work of art and I loved it. I'm planning to have this framed and hang it on to my wall. 

What do you think? ^_^

With love, 

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