Sunday, May 24, 2015

Leisure by Blur (1991) Review

Hello everyone! Today is my first entry of my 'The Great Blur Studio Albums Preview'. In case you are wondering why I am doing this, please check out this post:

Leisure (n) - use of free time for enjoyment
*source: Google*

The album cover is same as the US and UK versions. It was said that the album cover was taken from a swimming cap ad from the 40's. Cool right?

Leisure. Great title for Blur's debut studio album release in August 26, 1991. I think they're enjoying the time when their debut album was released. 

I purchased my copy of 'Leisure' on Ebay and it's the US version released under SBK Records. It's got different line up of songs than the UK version but the track called 'I Know' hooked me up. It sounds so good especially the bass line. --- Alex really did so well on his fingers. 

A look at Leisure's insert and CD. 

'Leisure' isn't my favorite Blur album but I like its shoegazing, baggy type of tune which makes it pretty fun to listen to especially during when you're out there  somewhere and stargaze. 

The back cover is similar to the UK version but the tracks line up is different. 


Here's the track list from Spotify - feel free to listen to the entire album too! :)


What do you think of 'Leisure'? Do you have it? Let me know! 😊

With love, 

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