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Modern Life is Rubbish by Blur (1993) Review

Modern Life is Rubbish...

Well, not really rubbish. Anyway, welcome to the second entry (of seven) of my 'The Great Blur Studio Albums Preview'. In case you are wondering why I am doing this, please check out this post:

This was Blur's second studio album released on May 10, 1993. This album perhaps introduced a new style or genre of music in the UK called 'Britpop'. Guitarist Graham Coxon said he doesn't like that word, but let me tell you, it changed music forever. Yes, Britpop isn't dead

The cover art for Modern Life is Rubbish is a Mallard steam train.

  • - Did you know that the second studio album was almost titled as 'Britain vs America' than 'Modern Life is Rubbish'?
  • - 'Modern Life is Rubbish' was bassist Alex James' favorite Blur album.

I bought this sometime around the 2nd week of May and it's a UK press. The opening track of MLiR, 'For Tomorrow' is my favorite. It actually has an extended version called 'For Tomorrow (Visit to Primrose Hill Extended)'. The track was written and produced by vocalist Damon Albarn on Christmas Day 1992 at the family piano in his parents' house. This was when Blur came back from their US tour and they found out that they were not making themselves big. After that Damon wrote the songs with a touch of British-ness.

Booklet back cover and CD design.

MLiR booklet contains all the track lyrics -- guitar tabs included! So cool isn't it? I just wished I know how to play a guitar so I can sing along to it. The booklet also has a painting of the Blur band. And a very nice quote at the last page. Might as well post it here sometime. (Check back soon)!

Track list on the back cover of the album. BONUS: Hidden tracks!

Modern Life is Rubbish has 14 tracks a long with 2 hidden tracks: 'Intermission', and 'Commercial Break'. The album has 3 singles.


Here's the track list from Spotify - feel free to listen to the entire album too! :)


What do you think of 'Modern Life is Rubbish'? Do you have it? Let me know! 😊

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