Monday, May 11, 2015

My Current Blur Collection

Hey to all my fellow Blur fans and my blog readers! I started collecting Blur items since September last year, and I just want to share this. Here's an updated list of all the Blur collection I have as of May 16, 2015:

My cat, Combi wants to be in the pic while I took this image. He's just shy. :3

  1. Blur 21: The Box
  2. Blur: Parklive - Live at Hyde Park - 12th August 2012 DVD
  3. Parklife [Remastered Special Edition]
  4. The Great Escape [Remastered Special Edition]
  5. 'Bit of a Blur: the Autobiography' by Alex James
  6. 'All Cheeses Great and Small: a Life Less Blurry' by Alex James
  7. Leisure (US Press)
  8. Modern Life is Rubbish (UK)
  9. Parklife (US)
  10. The Great Escape (US)
  11. Blur (Japan Edition)
  12. 13 (Japan)
  13. Think Tank (Philippine Press)
  14. Blur: The Best Of (US) 
  15. Blur: The Best Of casette (PH)
  16. Midlife: Beginners Guide to Blur (PH)

I can't wait to collect more now that Blur's new album, 'The Magic Whip' is out now! Here are the other pics (when the Blur 21 and the remastered editions are opened):

Growing and still counting! Consider me as a Blur 'hoarder'.


As of yesterday, May 15, I finally completed all the first seven studio albums of Blur!!! YAY! I just need to have 'The Magic Whip' to complete all my studio albums! 

I love collecting everything Blur! Look how pretty they are! 

Are you a fan of Blur? Let me know and how do you like it? See y'all on my next post!  ^_^

With love, 

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