Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Great Blur Studio Albums Preview

Hello girls and boys, people around the world, and to my fellow Blur fans!

Today, I'll be announcing on my blog that I will post a review of each Blur's studio albums (I have all the seven except 'The Magic Whip') and I decided to review the albums one-by-one. 

I've been longing to write a review of each of them ever since I started collection Blur's albums. As much as possible, I'd love to review every Blur item I had, and I find it cool 'cuz I like music from the 90's -- I mean, I think no one would ever review music two decades later nowadays, right?

So stay tuned as I post each of Blur's albums starting off with 'Leisure'. It might take a while to post it but I hope you'll appreciate it! Check this post often as I update the links down below as soon as I finished my posts! Thanks! 😊


With love, 

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