Thursday, July 9, 2015

College Thoughts (Part 1)

College (n): an organized group of people with particular aims, duties, and privileges. 
  • Aims......... Check! I aimed to become a good student in school.
  • Duties....... Check! I've complied with duties, and my responsibilities as a student and accomplish whatever my professor asked me to do a task for them or just being able to submit any assignments, library works, seatworks, machine problems, or even research papers. 
  • Privileges.... Of course, after graduation! I'm going there.

This post is separated into 3 parts. One is for this first sem, second is for the second sem, and lastly is for the post-graduation thoughts.

I had the most wonderful feeling about going to school now. Why? It's not about that the classes just started last month but it's my last first semester in college! Yay! I finally made it! I have not come this far to give up now since I only had 2 semesters left - I can't believe I'm graduating. This is my last year in college. I'm counting months.. Oh my God. Thanks so much my dear Lord. I'm two steps (referring to the semesters) away from the glorious success of my lifetime -- for now. 

UPDATES (how my school life actually goes): 
I'm currently working on my final thesis with my other two thesis-mates, then I'm about to start my internship inside the school for 162 hours this Monday. Whew. At the same time I'm taking up 6 other subjects. Three of them are majors.

Okay, enough with the updates for now. I know this is going to be a very busy semester. I feel it but I don't have to worry a lot since my family and some friends are there to support me whatever it takes. They pump up my courage to do all the best of the best at school. I want to make them proud of me, and they want all my greatest ambitions and dreams come true. AHEM. Not to mention that I'm inspired at this moment of my life. You probably know who you are. You make me happy when I am sad. You know I'm talking about you and please message me when you're able to read this part, hehe. 

Aside from that, there's this one song by, yours truly, Blur, that taught me not to be scared at all. The song is called "Ambulance". The title doesn't have anything to do with the rest of the lyrics. See for yourself, you can even listen to the song below. 


To my fellow batch mates of the school year 2015-2016, cheers to all of us! We're a bit closer to our dreams!

Read the second part of my "College Thoughts" series here >>

With love, 

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