Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Thoughts on Wayward Pines

Last April 2015, I saw a commercial of a new upcoming series on Fox called 'Wayward Pines'. When I saw its tagline, "Don't try to leave", and one should follow the rules, I know it's something worth watching. So I waited to watch it's premiere last May 14 (or 15th in the Philippines). I got so hooked watching it every Friday night - as soon as I turn on my TV, I changed the channel to Fox and watch it 'til the episode ends. Too bad that it's only a 10-episode series. I know some will ask for a second season, but I keep my hopes high. So far, Wayward Pines is the only American-based TV show that I watched from the first to the last episode.

A friendly reminder to the new visitors of Wayward Pines.

'Wayward Pines' TV series is based on a book by Blake Crouch. I never read the book, but watching the novel come to life is exciting because you can see the actions and how the story goes on in every episode. 

One of the reasons why I watched Wayward Pines is because the main character was Matt Dillon -- who played as a NASCAR Driver, Trip Murphy from the 2005 Disney film, Herbie Fully Loaded alongside with Lindsay Lohan. There are familiar celebrities too. Like, Carla Gugino, who is Ingrid Cortez from the Spy Kids movies, and also Siobhan Fallon Hogan from the first Men in Black film.

The first episode was okay, not until the second episode which I have no idea that this series is somewhat a horror-thriller series. I thought the story was just for the main character, Ethan Burke, was to find the two missing agents somewhere in Wayward Pines. Well, it didn't end there. There was something more

Sadly, the series ended last Thursday, July 23 in the US (24th here). The final episode was called "Cycle". And it was really depressing for me. When the people of Wayward finally knows the truth behind that opposite world full of theories and scientific explanations, I as a viewer, thought that they will escape Wayward Pines. But I was wrong, some managed to escape... Some died for the sake of others, especially our main hero, Ethan Burke.

Ethan died along with the "abbies", those humanoid-looking experiments by Dr. Pilcher who discovered Wayward Pines. It's such a sad ending... I actually cried and was deeply saddened when I saw Ethan's wife, Theresa, crying. I just want another season. I wanna see how will Ben figure out the future of Wayward Pines as the first-generation resident of that creepy and mysterious place.

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