Saturday, November 7, 2015

I Customized My Dell Laptop!

Hello there! I'm back, and I truly miss writing a new post here on my blog. Anyway, I'm currently enjoying my semestral break for now, and I'm on my last semester at school, finally! ☺️

Last January this year, my 7-year-old Gateway laptop passed away because my screen wasn't working anymore (lol). The screen needs to be replaced but I don't wanna spend more than P5k+, so I'd rather buy a new one. Well, I was broke during that time and I have to bear with the struggle I had to deal with since I really need my laptop for my school stuff... You know, editing videos using Adobe After Effects, my Software Engineering paper, and a whole lot more last semester 2014-2015. 

So, my dad told me he can give me his Dell Inspiron 3520 laptop he got from work. I felt guilty since it was brand new, at the same time, he used it for his work, and he even bought that months ago. When my dad went back to the country, luckily, he gave me his laptop. Shiny black, smooth, and pretty. I love it, and it runs on Windows 8. 💖😍 

So, here's my customized laptop, made by yours truly:

I wish at that time, I took a pic of it before I decorated my new laptop with decals and stickers. The reason why I decorated it is because I don't like laptops that look really plain from their covers, like it really needed to stand out. Glad I have some Pink Floyd stickers that I peeled off from my Pink Floyd album, and DVD. As well as a US flag decal, just because I, myself, might be an Asian by looks but I am so obsessed with the American culture that I wanna spend the rest of my life there, soon. Also, my New England Patriots' sticker.. The #11 FedEx stock car from NASCAR, because 11 is my favorite number for some nice, and great reasons.. coincidentally, too. As well as my ever favorite Blur album cover, their "The Best Of" album. I want to take Blur everywhere I go, my favorite band. :)

With love, 

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