Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shopping for Stationery Stuff

I have a confession to tell. I've been obsessed with stationery stuff since my grade school / elementary years. I am fascinated with stickers, notepads, and gel pens that I somewhat bought them with no reason at all. I don't even use them for school, instead, I use the gel pens then write and doodle nonsense stuff on my pad papers which I developed a little passion to it, or more like a hobby that lead me to collecting them one by one. 

I could still remember buying a lot of stickers from some "banketa(s)" (a sidewalk pop-up store), here as well as at my school's bookstore / canteen back in elemetary. I even bought a sticker album to keep them neat and just for display purposes -- for your eyes only. To this day, I still have my sticker albums but some of the stickers' adhesives doesn't stick anymore. 😥

Anyway, I just wanna share today what I bought yesterday at National Bookstore and at SM Stationery section: 

Goodies I bought yesterday! :)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Currently [#4] -- 2015

Hello everyone! I'm on my fourth edition of my "Currently" list.

Currently… reading:
Currently… watching:
  • 'Kill Bill: Volume 1'. I know this movie for a very long time and I just saw it's playing on Kix HD last night so I watched it. I love the story. Looking forward to watch the second volume. 
Currently… listening to:
  • 'Disco 2000' by Pulp, and Neil Sedaka's "Laughter in the Rain" >> so vintage, hehe. 
Currently… wanting:
  • A black and a colored ink for my printer because I want to print stickers for my planner.
Currently… loving:
  • Palmer's chocolates. Especially the 'fugde bells'. <3

With love, 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Belle de Jour Power Planner 2016

Hello everyone! New Bella here - I just got my first Belle de Jour Power Planner! Yes. My very first BDJ planner. It's a planner every girl must have! I've been wanting this planner since 2013. Unfortunately, I don't have any access to purchase one because I live in South Luzon, neither through their website because I dunno how to buy online back then. The planners are sold only at select bookstores and online here.

What a lovely planner. 

I really want a planner since I'm a college student (graduating now, finally), and I want to jot down notes and important tasks I need to finish at specific time and day. I don't want to procrastinate. I like to be organized as well since I'm burdened with a bunch of projects and other assignments at school. I admit I failed to do my homework because I just forgot it. I don't have any reminders to let me know what to do, except my only trusty sticky notes I paste on to my binder notebook. That's just it.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Wish List 2015

Hello to one of my favorite months of the year - December! 

The year is about to end, and people care about giving and receiving gifts. By the way, just to remind you that December is not only the month to just give and receive. You can do that all year 'round! But to some, they have a wish list - a list of things they want or need for (or every) Christmas.

Most girls nowadays for sure wants to receive make-up, clothes, expensive bags, or any luxurious things this season but I'm, heck, not even aware of that. Those aren't my taste. I'm not really materialistic when it comes to people giving me gifts because there are some things I can afford myself even if I'm just a student, "Buying yourself a gift is a reward to yourself.- Me, but I had written a couple of wish list before on my journal and somehow, I was able to buy (mostly) those things I wanted. They are mostly planner stuffs like sticky notes, stickers, washi tapes (and all sorts of decorative tapes), notebooks, notepads, journals, pens, and also, my obsession to music stuff like my Blur and Weezer CD's and other merchandise. It was so cool to own them all, whenever I see something I really want or need, I'm like, "Oh, I have to have that!". Well, I actually check the value of each item if it's worth my money before I buy it. I purchase each one of them with my own savings and I'm happy I'm able to save money and spend on the things I love. 

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