Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Belle de Jour Power Planner 2016

Hello everyone! New Bella here - I just got my first Belle de Jour Power Planner! Yes. My very first BDJ planner. It's a planner every girl must have! I've been wanting this planner since 2013. Unfortunately, I don't have any access to purchase one because I live in South Luzon, neither through their website because I dunno how to buy online back then. The planners are sold only at select bookstores and online here.

What a lovely planner. 

I really want a planner since I'm a college student (graduating now, finally), and I want to jot down notes and important tasks I need to finish at specific time and day. I don't want to procrastinate. I like to be organized as well since I'm burdened with a bunch of projects and other assignments at school. I admit I failed to do my homework because I just forgot it. I don't have any reminders to let me know what to do, except my only trusty sticky notes I paste on to my binder notebook. That's just it.

For 2 years, I bought planners for school but they are not BDJ. The first one was a Total Girl School Planner 2014-2015, and for this school year, I have Eskwelahan Planner 2015. Check out my blog review about my recent planner by clicking here. I was so sad when I contacted the BDJ team last May and asked if there would be a Campus BDJ 2015, they said they won't be producing the Campus BDJ ones because of the implementation of the K-12 program. Meaning, not all schools will start by June. 

Well, I shouldn't be so sad at all. Last Monday, my sister told me she'll go to Makati for an errand about her German language course.. So this is it, I finally asked her to buy me one! She agreed, and bought me the planner in spiral format yesterday at Fully Booked - Glorietta branch. The spiral and the smyth sewn version are priced at P598.00 each. When I saw it, I felt like I was holding a pot of gold! Took me years to finally own one and I am so ecstatic! The feeling was heavenly! I can't believe I have my own Belle de Jour Power Planner

I just love this planner because it's cute, handy, and functional in a way that you can use it not only as a planner but a diary as well! I love the layouts, the cute colorful designs, random pages, and those motivational quotes under each page are truly helpful to inspire BDJ women and girls like me. Also the discount and freebie coupons that's worth about P40,000 in savings! <3

Without further do, let's get started and I want to share what's with the new BDJ Planner 2016 - 10th Year Edition:

My copy of BDJ planner is a spiral format with a matte laminated hard cover.

Front page.

Dream Board pages - before.

Take a look at my dream board below.. I tore out my old planner's dream board page and pasted it here to remind me of the ambitions I'd like to achieve after I graduate next year. I know I must strive hard in life in order to accomplish or reach my wildest drams and ambitions. I'll make it all come true. Just like what Henry Ford said, "If you think you can, or think you can't, you're probably right." - Well, I know I can, so I'm right. I'm really looking forward in 2016 and see what's in store for me..

Here's half of my dream board! I will make my dreams come true! <3

2016 Checklist.. I wonder how many tasks I can do next year? Hehe.

Rekindle Your Light pages.

2016 Events Calendar pages.

2016 Goals and Happiness List pages.

Monthly introduction.

Month's view.

Weekly view.

Menstrual Tracker - a trademark of the BDJ planner.

The BDJ planner has a pocket attached on the back cover to stash important receipts, stickers, and anything. 

Free stickers to put on the planner as well as a bookmark! Score!

Introducing: the BDJ Perks of a Bella coupon booklet filled with discounts, and freebies along with a card (card photo is on the top most picture of this blog entry)!

Here's what the coupons inside the booklet looked like.

Well, that's it for now everyone! I hope you like my little review about this amazing planner! I can't wait to use this! I might use it not only as a planner, but a journal or a diary as well. The people at the Viviamo! Inc., did a great job creating this amazing planner! Happy 10th year anniversary to all of you, guys! :)

To find out more about the Belle de Jour Power Planner and other great stuff, visit their websites at:

Website: I Love BDJ
Twitter: @BDJBuzz 
Instagram: @BDJBuzz

DISCLAIMER: I'm not paid to do this blog post nor sponsored by Viviamo! Inc. All opinions and reviews are mine. 


With love, 

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