Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Wish List 2015

Hello to one of my favorite months of the year - December! 

The year is about to end, and people care about giving and receiving gifts. By the way, just to remind you that December is not only the month to just give and receive. You can do that all year 'round! But to some, they have a wish list - a list of things they want or need for (or every) Christmas.

Most girls nowadays for sure wants to receive make-up, clothes, expensive bags, or any luxurious things this season but I'm, heck, not even aware of that. Those aren't my taste. I'm not really materialistic when it comes to people giving me gifts because there are some things I can afford myself even if I'm just a student, "Buying yourself a gift is a reward to yourself.- Me, but I had written a couple of wish list before on my journal and somehow, I was able to buy (mostly) those things I wanted. They are mostly planner stuffs like sticky notes, stickers, washi tapes (and all sorts of decorative tapes), notebooks, notepads, journals, pens, and also, my obsession to music stuff like my Blur and Weezer CD's and other merchandise. It was so cool to own them all, whenever I see something I really want or need, I'm like, "Oh, I have to have that!". Well, I actually check the value of each item if it's worth my money before I buy it. I purchase each one of them with my own savings and I'm happy I'm able to save money and spend on the things I love. 

Moving on, here's a bunch of things I want for Christmas:

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1. Timex Women's Weekender Watch (or even a Unisex Weekender) - I've always wanted a Timex Weekender watch (mostly a floral nylon band like the pic above or a reversible band kind) as soon as I saw it on 6pm while browsing for some online shopping last year. Unfortunately, they are no longer available on the site and I'm so sad. I mean, I can't even find the exact watch I wanted anywhere here! I just love the dials and its simple but pretty appearance. I ended up having a Neff velcro strap watch and sadly, they don't fit me because my wrist is small. Yeah, I'm a thin person. Until now, the only watch I use is my Seiko one, I am wearing that for about 6 years now. 😳 

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2. Belle de Jour Power Planner 2016 - I'm obsessed with planners.. My dream planner is an Erin Condren Life Planner, just because it has plenty of spaces to write and you can decorate and customize it whatever your heart's desire. I like to plan, I like to write important dates, and other notes. Well, this is the planner I needed for next year. I've been wanting this for years now (ca. 2013), so sad it's only available at some selected bookstores. It's just so cute and so pretty to write on and plan the things for each day, week, month, and even for the whole 2016! It also comes with a booklet of coupons about P40,000 of savings! Who doesn't love that?!! Hopefully I can buy this before the year ends!
Visit their website by clicking >> Belle de Jour Power Planner. 😍

DISCLAIMER: At this point, (Dec. 9, 2015), this planner is off my wish-list now since my sister bought this for me yesterday! Wee!

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3. Q and A a Day: 5 Year Journal - Aside from my planners, I keep a journal and a diary. I write there all my feelings, thoughts, ideas, and just some happy random things happened to me. I just need to look back, reminisce, and feel happy reading my entries again. But this journal is different which makes it so unique because it keeps records of your answers you had written every day...for 5 years. Just imagine once you finished one year, then you're gonna answer the same questions again and check out if you still have the same thoughts from last year. So cool!! I need it for an expressive person like me!! 😍❤️💖

DISCLAIMER: At this point, (April 2, 2016), this journal is off my wish-list now since my dad got it from me from Fully Booked - SM MoA branch!

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4. Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) Blu-ray Set -  Who doesn't love Star Wars? I've been following them since the release of "The Phantom Menace" back in my elementary years... Where my obsession with intergalactic stuff, the universe, and stars started. I remember owning an R2-D2 walkie-talkie, and my sister had C-3PO's. I want to watch the whole saga all over again, although I admit I haven't finished watching Episodes III, IV, V, and VI. Shame. So that's why I want to have this...on Blu-ray, just because it's so cool to watch this on an HD setting. ❤️💖

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5. Pulp - Different Class [2 CD Deluxe Edition] Album - Lately I've been listening non-stop to Pulp, one of Britain's best Britpop bands from the 1990's. I love music, Britpop, and the 90's. Hands down. I just love the songs "Common People", "Disco 2000", and "Pencil Skirt"...and also Jarvis Cocker's deep voice. I also would want to have a separate copy of the initial album because it has 6 double-sided inserts of alternative cover arts which tells the listener to "choose your own cover". Cool right? I also loved its sleeve note: "Please understand – we don't want no trouble. We just want the right to be different. That's all." ❤️💖

Well, those are what I want for Christmas for now.. I can't think of anything else though.. I might add more on my Christmas wish list. :P


PS: Today is the 74th anniversary on the Attack at Pearl Harbor. I pray for the souls of those who died... God bless America!

With love, 

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