Monday, December 14, 2015

Currently [#4] -- 2015

Hello everyone! I'm on my fourth edition of my "Currently" list.

Currently… reading:
Currently… watching:
  • 'Kill Bill: Volume 1'. I know this movie for a very long time and I just saw it's playing on Kix HD last night so I watched it. I love the story. Looking forward to watch the second volume. 
Currently… listening to:
  • 'Disco 2000' by Pulp, and Neil Sedaka's "Laughter in the Rain" >> so vintage, hehe. 
Currently… wanting:
  • A black and a colored ink for my printer because I want to print stickers for my planner.
Currently… loving:
  • Palmer's chocolates. Especially the 'fugde bells'. <3

With love, 

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