Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shopping for Stationery Stuff

I have a confession to tell. I've been obsessed with stationery stuff since my grade school / elementary years. I am fascinated with stickers, notepads, and gel pens that I somewhat bought them with no reason at all. I don't even use them for school, instead, I use the gel pens then write and doodle nonsense stuff on my pad papers which I developed a little passion to it, or more like a hobby that lead me to collecting them one by one. 

I could still remember buying a lot of stickers from some "banketa(s)" (a sidewalk pop-up store), here as well as at my school's bookstore / canteen back in elemetary. I even bought a sticker album to keep them neat and just for display purposes -- for your eyes only. To this day, I still have my sticker albums but some of the stickers' adhesives doesn't stick anymore. 😥

Anyway, I just wanna share today what I bought yesterday at National Bookstore and at SM Stationery section: 

Goodies I bought yesterday! :)

I thought this entire planner shopping would cost me less than P200.00 but I was wrong! I have no idea that the tapes were on sale, such a score! Price details are followed at the end of this post.

Transparent stickers! :)

Name stickers and a bookmark! :)

Washi tapes! :)

Here's the details:
- transparent stickers by Hallmark, National Bookstore (P26.00 each)
- name stickers by Hallmark, National Bookstore (P10.50)
- bookmark by Hallmark, National Bookstore (P8.50)
- Christmas themed washi tapes, SM Stationery (P30.00, was originally P99.75)
- wraps washi tapes, SM Stationery (P35.00, was originally P69.75)

For a grand total of only P136.00, supposed to be priced at P240.50 if the tapes are not on sale, and that I saved P104.50! ^__^

I hope next time I make another trip at NBS or at SM Stationery department will be another great one like this! I am mostly looking forward to hoard those washi tapes and other tapes that are on sale! <3

With love, 

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