Monday, January 25, 2016

Pet Peeves

Every one has a pet peeve, or two...or even more than 10, and I'm one of them. A "pet peeve" is a thing or two that annoys you. A "pet peeve" could be only a minor annoyance ---- or maybe turn into a major one if a person can't really take it.

I'm an avid subscriber and a follower of WatchMojo on YouTube and Facebook, and according to them, the number one (on their first Top 10 Pet Peeves), it is when "People who chew loudly or eat with their mouths open". Oh man, I hate it when people do that... When you are in a fast food restaurant, or in a canteen, I hate people when they chew loudly, or when they just complain how good their food is -- loudly. -___-

Check out WatchMojo's first list of Top 10 Pet Peeves below:

And if you want more, check out their Another Top 10 Pet Peeves:

Moving on, I'd like to share some of my pet peeves in no particular order. I'll put here what comes to my mind first the things that annoys me. By the way, the list will be added then and now, if I developed a new pet peeve. Hehe. :P

  1. When someone brags about their brand new stuff.
  2. People who misspell my name. UGH.
  3. People mispronounce my last name. DOUBLE UGH.
  4. When my neighbors sing on a karaoke machine as early as 6:30 AM up to the rest of the day.
  5. People posting pictures of their feet. Oh please.
  6. When people don't say 'thank you' after I did a good deed on them.
  7. People talking so loudly, even if you're like 5 meters away to that person/s.
  8. Bullying. Yep, I've been bullied even before during my school days.
  9. When a music junkie blast noisy music on their damn phones. 
  10. When a person eats, and chew their food with noises. Ew.
  11. People not covering their mouths when they sneeze.
  12. When I forgot about something.
  13. Drivers who shoulder on the left side of the road.
  14. People who don't wash their hands before eating.
  15. Couples who sit on the same side inside the jeep even when there is no space left, but there is no one on the other side. -___-
  16. Wrong spellings. 
  17. When a person bumps you or push you when there are loads of people on your way.
  18. When someone calls you and you don't even know them.
  19. Prank calls or texts.
  20. People trying to be so smart.
  21. Asking me questions even when they truly know the answer.
  22. When someone finishes my sentence. Please, shut your mouth.
  23. When ice cream drips out of the bottom of a sugar cone. 
  24. People not flushing the damn toilet.
  25. When people rev up their car engines and make it loud as much as they want.
  26. People who hurts a private life of a person.
  27. Rich people making poor people even more miserable.
  28. Taylor Swift.
  29. The screeching sound of a metal or any other material.
  30. Knocking your knees, your toes (OUCH!) accidentally on a hard surface.


If you want to see and at least read a large list of pet peeves, click the link here >>

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