Thursday, February 4, 2016

DIY: Kiss Cut Stickers

DIY: Kiss Cut Stickers

I love stickers. As a young girl back in my elementary days, I used to buy and collect tons and tons of sticker sheets. From cartoon characters, video game, animé, even WWE superstars, and a whole lot more! I also bought a couple of sticker albums to store my stickers. Unfortunately, I lost one of them and a bunch of sticker sheets. 😞

Years ago, I got a printer and bought some blank sticker sheets because I really want to make my own stickers to put on my notebooks, books, on my other stuff at home or at school. I only cut them using scissors which is time consuming for me especially if the stickers you printed had squiggly lines or in circles or in different shapes. I know it is very tiring as well. 

So I have heard of Silhouette, it is an electronic cutting machine. It can cut any kind papers, cardstock, vinyl, fabrics, and any other materials. When I learned it can make stickers, I just need to have it. But in the mean time, I couldn't because it is a little expensive, so I came up and found a way on how I can cut my stickers without using scissors and this DIY blog post is inspired from Ms. Wenda's How to Make Kiss Cut Stickers Without Using a Machine! Check that out! ^_^

Without further do, let's get started!

Here's what you need:
  • Cutting mat.
  • Cutter, a craft knife or an X-Acto knife.
  • Sticker sheet - I'm using a free printable from Vintage Glam Studio.
  • Ruler - I actually recommend a metal one because the cutter is so sharp, it could scrape off the ruler if it's made from plastic.

Get your supplies ready! :)

Line up your ruler along the surface you want to cut.

While you line up your ruler and hold it in place, slowly cut down the sticker by the edges, also works on angled designs. That's it! Carefully peel off the sticker, and if there's still some adhesive left, just gently cut it again with your cutter or a craft / X-Acto knife gently.

TIP: Don't give too much pressure while you cut or else you'll cut off or rip the whole paper instead of the adhesive paper.

Okay, I tried cutting with this arrow design and there's the final result! It is easy and you can get the polished, exact result you wanted if you have a good pressure holding your cutter and while cutting the sticker. 

When cutting circle shaped stickers, I used my circle template or a stencil I got from National Bookstore. The result isn't like the way I want it to be, but I still tried my best to improvise cutting my own sticker in circle shapes. This method works fine for me because I don't have those fancy circle punchers --- I find them expensive. :)



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