Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Super Bowl 50


I'm a long time fan of the NFL since my freshman - high school days... and I've been a New England Patriots fan every now and then. But first of all, I'd like to congratulate the Denver Broncos for winning the Super Bowl 50. They beat the Carolina Panthers by scoring 24 - 10. The game was so amazing. 

I woke up early before 7:00 AM (well, I alarmed at 7), and tuned into Hyper Channel, it is where this year's Super Bowl was televised live with an encore replay at 7:00 PM same day. The last time I watched Super Bowl was the 48th which was back in 2014, and I remember that it was the team of Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks, but sadly, the Broncos lost. I was getting ready for school that day when the game started that I want to skip my first class that morning to watch and to even watch the most awaited "Super Bowl Halftime Show", but I can't at the same time since our TV antenna works crap. Sigh. 

The Super Bowl 50's venue is at the Levi's Stadium at San Francisco Bay Area - Santa Clara, CA. The stadium is home to another NFL team, the San Francisco 49ers. And so the Super Bowl started...

Before the national anthem and the game started, on its 50th anniversary, the NFL presented their past Super Bowl MVP's. I was shivering and so ecstatic! It's so amazing how those MVP's are still alive and kicking.. It was so nice to see amazing football legends coming to this America's most favorite sport, fans are all over the stadium. I saw those MVPs whom I only read about on magazines like Sports Illustrated, and a couple of NFL magazines.

I saw Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers... and I got really disappointed when Tom Brady appeared when his named was mentioned and walked his way through the other MVPs.. He got booed. Why an amazing, and a very great athlete like him be booed, or disliked so much? Oh, people these days...

My own pic.

You are still my favorite QB, Tom Brady! Don't mind your haters!

After the MVP ceremonies, Lady Gaga sang the 'Star-Spangled Banner'. I sent a picture of her singing to A, and he said, "At least she isn't covered in crazy makeup and clothes." HAHA. Yep, he has a point. :)

What's so sad about watching live telecast of the Super Bowl is that, you can't see the commercials. Perks of not living in the United States. I can only watch them on YouTube.. Anyways,

Let the Super Bowl 50 game begin!!!

Chills, excitement, and my fangirling has been unleashed!

First Quarter.. 

Second Quarter // Half.. 

My own pic.


My own pic.

Coldplay, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars played at the much-awaited Halftime Show.

Third Quarter.. 

Fourth Quarter // Championship.. 

FINAL!!! My own pic.

Super Bowl 50 MVP - Von Miller..



Peyton Manning
From being a Colt to a Bronco, you are a legend. Congratulations!

PS: Dear Peyton, don't retire yet. I still have to see you play live.


Now that the NFL season is over and will be back next fall, it's time for NASCAR's #Daytona500 in less than two weeks! 😍

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