Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Planning My Week [#5]

Good day, everyone! 

I know I posted this a little late, but it's still not that too late to share my planner spread. There's no specific theme for this week people, but what's more important is that, I wrote all the plans and events I needed to accomplish this week. 

I actually decorated the 14th week last Saturday, supposed to be on Friday and post a blog the day after but I can't pretty much do anything because it's Holy Week and I'm devoted to not do anything instead of praying and such stuff. I also stayed at home, didn't watched TV or play on my computer as well.. Just playing with my cats. How fun is that? 😉

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Planning My Week [#4] - Easter Inspired Theme

Happy Palm Sunday and Holy Week, everyone!

School recap... I fortunately passed all my subjects this semester and I already submitted my terminal clearance, no more studying of lessons or even major exams, and dealing with some professors. Such a great life! I'm practically just waiting for the baccalaureate and graduation practices, and also the actual events now. Thank God, my Lord Jesus Christ! YAY!! <3 

Anyway, I'm back again with another "Planning My Week" entry on the 13th week of this year inside my BDJ planner. I'm not really sure what theme I made for this week, but I tried it to look very "Easter-ly". I actually don't have any Easter-inspired decorations like stickers, or washi tapes for my planner.. So, I made a DIY Easter Egg sticker -- instructions to be followed later.

Without further do, let's get started! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Planning My Week [#3] - St. Patrick's Day Theme

Hello everyone! Here's my third "Planning With Me" post on the 12th week in my Belle de Jour planner 2016! 

Final exams are finally over, YAY! Anyway, this week's theme is inspired by St. Patrick's Day, he is a patron saint from Ireland,whom people from the western countries celebrate his feast every March 17 -- it is a cultural and religious celebration full of the color green, and marks as the day when St. Patrick died. 

Okay, so I'm not from the west, but still I influenced mostly western cultures, and food. ☺️

Without further do, let's get started!

Monday, March 7, 2016

tumblr and #studyblr

Stickers courtesy of LINE.

Instead of studying my lectures for my final exams this week, here I am listening to random 90's songs, and writing a bunch of random stuff including lyrics of my favorite songs.

I recently got back to my Tumblr account to dig out some inspiration about life, college, and everything else, then I came across the '#studyblr' trend which has been a thing since last year among Tumblr users, especially students. I've seen some Tumblr users posting about their study lifestyle / habits, posting pictures of their notebooks, desks, handwriting, planners, paper stuff, etc... Awesome! But....

Heck. Why did I just discovered this right now that I'm graduating so soon?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Planning My Week [#2] - Cat and Mouse Theme

Hello everyone, happy month of MARCH! 

In this new (and my second) "Plan With Me" blog post, I'll be showing you my plans for the entire 11th week inside my Belle de Jour 2016 planner. Aside from that, this week's theme is "Cat and Mouse", referring to the Mickey Mouse stickers I had and the paws / mice paper tapes for decoration. 

Let's get started! :)

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