Sunday, March 6, 2016

Planning My Week [#2] - Cat and Mouse Theme

Hello everyone, happy month of MARCH! 

In this new (and my second) "Plan With Me" blog post, I'll be showing you my plans for the entire 11th week inside my Belle de Jour 2016 planner. Aside from that, this week's theme is "Cat and Mouse", referring to the Mickey Mouse stickers I had and the paws / mice paper tapes for decoration. 

Let's get started! :)

I actually written the plans here a month ago because I have a calendar of events from school. This week is my school's foundation day, and even though it's supposed to be no classes, I have my final exams ahead. 

Here's my layout for the week looked like (before adding other plans):

Okay, here's the first half of the week preview. I put on other details on my planner today. I added a cat "to do list" sticky note. It will serve as the main to do list for me for the entire week that I needed to accomplish. 

This week will be my dad's birthday, plus my thesis mates and I are chosen (with other groups from other programs) to present our thesis during the foundation week. How awesome is that? What a once in a lifetime opportunity and a very great experience for me before graduation. 😉

PS: Some plans are blurred for privacy purposes, would you want to let others take a peek of your personal stuff? NO! Right?

So, for the last half of the week will be my last final exams for my entire college years. I used a washi tape and shaped it like an arrow to mark the days for my final exams. Only 3 exams to go. Goodluck to me. YAY!!! ❤️

I shouldn't miss watching The Powerpuff Girls Movie this coming Saturday on HBO HD after my last final exam in Android. I made that HBO HD sticker on my own by downloading the image on Google plus I also got that "No School" and "Plan Pages" flag images on Pinterest and then resize it to fit on your planner and "kiss-cut it".

For a tutorial on how to make your own kiss-cut stickers, click HERE.

Here's my entire 11th week inside my BDJ planner. On Sunday, I have to plan my pages for the upcoming week: ❤️

And that's a wrap, planner addicts! Stay tuned next week for my "St. Patrick's Theme" for the 12th week on my BDJ planner. I hope you love my layout.

Let me know what you think, share any ideas, suggestions, etc. and leave a comment or comments below! Thanks! ☺️

With love, 


  1. : cute! Love the paw prints. ^_^

    1. : hm pLa ang bdj pLanner & san nkakabiLi? i Like it parang gusto ko bumiLi. hahah! :p

    2. Hello! I got mine from Fully Booked - Glorietta for P598. You can even purchase it on BDJ's website at po :)


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