Sunday, March 20, 2016

Planning My Week [#4] - Easter Inspired Theme

Happy Palm Sunday and Holy Week, everyone!

School recap... I fortunately passed all my subjects this semester and I already submitted my terminal clearance, no more studying of lessons or even major exams, and dealing with some professors. Such a great life! I'm practically just waiting for the baccalaureate and graduation practices, and also the actual events now. Thank God, my Lord Jesus Christ! YAY!! <3 

Anyway, I'm back again with another "Planning My Week" entry on the 13th week of this year inside my BDJ planner. I'm not really sure what theme I made for this week, but I tried it to look very "Easter-ly". I actually don't have any Easter-inspired decorations like stickers, or washi tapes for my planner.. So, I made a DIY Easter Egg sticker -- instructions to be followed later.

Without further do, let's get started! :)


Here's what you need:
  • Sticker paper -- I use the matte kind since my pen ink that I'm using dries fast with this kind of paper.
  • Colorful pens -- I have Dong-A Hexaplus Fineliner pens for this DIY
  • Paper trimmer -- you can use a cutter or scissors to cut the designs for later.
  • Other decorations -- this is optional, you can use your washi tapes if you don't want to use pens

  • Put a sheet of the sticker paper on your paper trimmer and cut a piece of it. I trimmed mine about the size on the first picture below.
  • I just realized I wanted small stickers for my planner so that it'll look cute. So, I trimmed a small size of the sticker using my paper trimmer, then I drew an egg shape on the sticker paper and filled it with colors using my pens. After that, just cut and peel off and there are your DIY Easter Egg stickers! <3

  • Instead of using pens, you can use your washi tape to create your own Easter Egg stickers! Here's how: You just have to put washi tape on a piece of paper, then cut it in an egg-shaped form, and just peel off the paper and the washi tape then just use it as a sticker. :)

This is my pre-decorated week, looks so plain that's why I need to put some spice on the pages:

Adding a birdie and flower washi tape, plus my DIY Easter Egg stickers on top of my washi tape banners! <3

I added another washi tape covering the MIT (Most Important Task) part of my planner, History HD channel TV logo, 'school' / 'blog' / 'weekend'  banner and my "to watch" stickers, and sticky notes.

Lastly, I added my plans for this week, and my TV schedule... Tomorrow will be the deliberation of candidates for academic honors, and graduation awards. I have to be at school because I still have to answer an evaluation form to one of my subjects this semester. And on Tuesday, our Registrar's Department will finally post the official list of graduating students!!!! YAAAAAYYYY! <3

And there is my Easter-inspired theme this week! I hope you guys liked it! Let me know what you think, share any ideas, suggestions, etc. and leave a comment or comments below! Thanks! ☺️

With love, 

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