Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Planning My Week [#5]

Good day, everyone! 

I know I posted this a little late, but it's still not that too late to share my planner spread. There's no specific theme for this week people, but what's more important is that, I wrote all the plans and events I needed to accomplish this week. 

I actually decorated the 14th week last Saturday, supposed to be on Friday and post a blog the day after but I can't pretty much do anything because it's Holy Week and I'm devoted to not do anything instead of praying and such stuff. I also stayed at home, didn't watched TV or play on my computer as well.. Just playing with my cats. How fun is that? 😉

Anyway, let me share you my blank 14th week before.

As you can see, what I currently have there is my baccalaureate and graduation practices this week. Those were just based on the school calendar as well as the baccalaureate and graduation activities flyer that our Registrar's Department gave us. I also put a sticker and a washi tape with "Hello April" on it to remind me that it's April Fools -- kidding, it's really the first day of April. Wow, time flies so fast! 😳

And then here's after decorating the whole week:

I added more washi tapes in different colors, and cut them in banner shapes for visual purposes only, haha. I find the colors too appealing to the eye. I like the combination of those shades of green and pink from the washi tapes. Those stickers are handmade, too. I doodled them and those are inspired from some Etsy shops. I can't buy stickers online because I find them expensive so I improvised on my own.

Aside from that, I can't believe how busy this week will be, aside from I have to backup my iPhone files, work on resumé, attend baccalaureate and graduation practices, meet up with my friends, have to get my toga, my medallion, and also the program booklet..and dad's coming home from the US, shop for my graduation dress and probably shoes... Ahhh, it'll be tiring, but worth every second of it as I do these tasks for this week. ❤️

And that's a wrap for now, planner addicts! What are your plans and how was your week so far? Let me know in the comments below, let's chat! 😉

With love, 

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