Monday, March 7, 2016

tumblr and #studyblr

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Instead of studying my lectures for my final exams this week, here I am listening to random 90's songs, and writing a bunch of random stuff including lyrics of my favorite songs.

I recently got back to my Tumblr account to dig out some inspiration about life, college, and everything else, then I came across the '#studyblr' trend which has been a thing since last year among Tumblr users, especially students. I've seen some Tumblr users posting about their study lifestyle / habits, posting pictures of their notebooks, desks, handwriting, planners, paper stuff, etc... Awesome! But....

Heck. Why did I just discovered this right now that I'm graduating so soon?

Nah. No problem. Not too late, I just realized I'll be studying again hehe. Nothing to worry about my current study lifestyle and being a student. But looking at those '#studyblr' made me want to join the league, I also find it motivational to see people serious about studying, and aside from that, the trend inspires everyone who struggle with such school stuff, or on how they can make their life much more organized.

Listen to Pulp's 'Disco 2000' below:

And also, let me share my handwritten assignment on statistics - one of my fave subjects last semester. :P

But yeah, even though I'm almost done with college, I will try and do some of my own #studyblr posts on my Tumblr page. Visit my tumblr account HERE.

  • Check out this article from about the #studyblr trend HERE.
  • To see much more about the #studyblr on Tumblr, click HERE.

PS: By the way, like I said, I was writing lyrics of one of my favorite songs on my accounting subject notebook, here you go:

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