Sunday, April 24, 2016

Graduation Gifts! (Part 2)

Graduation Gifts (Part 2) Title
Graduation Gifts (Part 2) Title by avengerthea11

Hello everyone!!!

I honestly thought I won't be able to receive graduation gifts anymore. But to my surprise, I got even more gifts! Thanks to everyone who gave these cutesy stuffs for me! Mostly clothes and stationery. <3

Without further do, let me share you what I got! 

1. Meow and Furever Notebook from Papemelroti. My sister gave me this. <3

2. Mood Diary Notebook. Courtesy of my cousin's girlfriend. He told her that I love writing and pouring out my thoughts in a journal or notebook so she got me this. <3

3. Women SPRZ NY - K. Haring "American Art of the 80's" short sleeve graphic T-shirt, from Uniqlo. My friends and my family knows how much I love America. So, while shopping at the Uniqlo branch in SM Mall of Asia, I found this shirt and my dad just purchased it. Not to mention that Uniqlo clothes totally screams out the word "stylish". Haha. Aside from that I have known Keith Haring since I was little because his graffiti art so familiar and it's been popular during the 90's.

4. Groove Makers' "EMI - Electric & Musical Industries Ltd." short sleeve graphic t-shirt, from Uniqlo. Courtesy of parents. I love music so much (specifically 70's - early 2010's) and the reason why I got this is because EMI was Blur's (my fave band) record label on some of their albums (it differs to countries who distributes their albums). I have Blur's Think Tank album that was released by EMI here in the country way back in 2003... and so, I got this shirt.

5. Tootsie Roll + Calligraphy Name and Flower (in a picture frame). My high school buddy, graphic designer, and calligrapher, Trixie gave this to me as a congratulatory gift. I totally loved how my name turned out in a calligraphic form + the flower illustration. No wonder why she asked me what was my fave flower haha. And this is the result. I wish I have her skillz... :P

Check out her amazing Instagram! Click >>> @trxxi ^__^

6. Pink Notebook + "How to Find Your Personal Path to Success" book. Courtesy of my mom's co-teachers. The notebook is so beautiful I may not want to write anything on it haha. And that book is amazing since i find it pretty handy on how to be successful in life.

And that's a wrap for now, everyone! My graduation day, and celebrations are over. Hello to the new, and real world... However, I am still open to receive gifts haha! :P

To my fellow readers who recently graduated this year, what did you get for your graduation? Let me know in the comments below.

Check out the first part of my "Graduation Gifts", click HERE.

With love, 

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