Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trying Out on Polyvore!

Trying Out on Polyvore!
Trying Out on Polyvore! by avengerthea11

Hello everyone! I'm back and ready to blog again!

I have no fashion sense. Well, I may have but I can just only imagine it. I'm a T-shirt, and jeans girl. No dresses - only wear them on rare occasions. I love to wear anything plain and casual whenever I go out of the house. I may look at some cute outfits at stores or when I browse some clothing on the Internet, and think how it'll look like on me if I were wearing those fancy clothes, shoes, and/or accessories, but sometimes they are too much. There are some things that shouldn't be there. Like, "Oh! That shirt should be paired with this or that!", "I have to put a necklace over this plunging neckline tunic.". However, I want to like, create my own style without pressuring myself to be aesthetically perfect - or really good looking, still casual though without trying hard on the styles. 

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