Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trying Out on Polyvore!

Trying Out on Polyvore!
Trying Out on Polyvore! by avengerthea11

Hello everyone! I'm back and ready to blog again!

I have no fashion sense. Well, I may have but I can just only imagine it. I'm a T-shirt, and jeans girl. No dresses - only wear them on rare occasions. I love to wear anything plain and casual whenever I go out of the house. I may look at some cute outfits at stores or when I browse some clothing on the Internet, and think how it'll look like on me if I were wearing those fancy clothes, shoes, and/or accessories, but sometimes they are too much. There are some things that shouldn't be there. Like, "Oh! That shirt should be paired with this or that!", "I have to put a necklace over this plunging neckline tunic.". However, I want to like, create my own style without pressuring myself to be aesthetically perfect - or really good looking, still casual though without trying hard on the styles. 

So, I have known Polyvore since I was in high school. It was quite popular around sometime. It is a website where you can get and drag out real clothes, shoes, bags, home stuff, almost everything on a blank template, then you use them to create a collage and make your own style, whether that outfit is for school, or at the concert, or even some inspiration for the different parts of your house. Imagination is truly possible with this great site! I even think that Polyvore is also used in some magazines. It is so easy to use, and who knows, creating your own style can be a newest trend! 

Check out my first Polyvore project! I find each piece so cute but I don't think I can wear them, LOL.

It's called "@ the concert". Coachella, anyone? :)

My First Polyvore Outfit -- at the concert
My First Polyvore Outfit -- at the concert by avengerthea11

Here's the details:
1,695 PHP -
43,720 PHP -
3,735 PHP -
2,370 PHP -
2,310 PHP -
465 PHP -
280 PHP -
395 PHP -

PS: Prices of each item is in Philippine Peso. :)

Let me know what do you think of my first Polyvore project in the comments below! <3

With love, 


  1. I just wear band shirts and black skinny jeans yikes

    1. I prefer shorts than jeans lol. I do have a couple of Blur shirts, and one EMI label shirt. :)


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