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LMae Plans + Pretty Cute Planner PR Kits // April and May 2017 + Unboxing Video

Hello everyone! Here's a brand new post on my latest PR kits!

It's another PR kits review from the shops I represent to! Oh, I will review a new shop, Pretty Cute Planner! Check out the cute and functional stickers I received, plus awesome washi tapes! In this review also includes the contents of LMae Plans One Month Exclusive Pack! 

So in this blog, I'm so excited to share you the PR Kits from Pretty Cute Planner and LMae Plans! I'll be showing you a walkthrough of all the stickers I got. Check out Ms. Karolina and Ms. Mae's shop as well, details indicated below + coupon code.

Also, follow me on Instagram so y'all can see how I will use my KK and LMP stickers on my planner + others. Without further do, let's get started! ❤


❤ S O C I A L   M E D I A ❤
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❤ L M A E  P L A N S ❤
→ Want 20% off your purchase on LMae Plans on Etsy? Use the code "THEA20"! $10 minimum order required. And mention my name to get an exclusive freebie sheet!

❤ P R E T T Y  C U T E  P L A N N E R ❤
→ Want 20% off your purchase on Pretty Cute Planner on Etsy? Use the code "THEA20"!


Here are the pictures (took on my Canon digital camera) of the PR kits! Click to enlarge pics!

I guess it took me a month for the PCP and just a week an a half for the LMP to receive these kits! Worth the wait!

Don't forget to check, and, follow her social media! Links are stated above.

Let's go through LMae Plans' PR kit and the Exclusive Kit! YAY! ^_^

 Here's my very first weekly kit from LMae Plans! It's the 'Bon Voyage' kit. Available in EC vertical and classic HP planners. Blue is my favorite color, so I picked this kit! Totally love each sticker!

The weekly kit includes checklists, headers, weekly tracker (2 kinds), full boxes, half boxes, flags, weekend banner, labels, icons, dinner and TV labels, words, and circle stickers. Additionally, the date and number stickers!

Here are the functional stickers I chose as part of my PR kit. Look how adorable those cute bunnies and cats are!!!!! They're going to look so pretty in my planner!!! 😍

This is the whole One Month Exclusive Kit! It is just a kit exclusively for one month of LMae Plans in Etsy! Sweet Kawaii Clips and SamanthaMaeSticks made a collaboration including a pretty Cute Lip Paper Clip and a Functional Sheet! How amazing are those cuties????! Hurry because there are limited quantities of this exclusive kit! Head over to the shop now!

I truly love each sticker, the lovely cursive fonts, colors, designs, cute icons, and the smooth paper quality! I like how the sheets are small enough to fit in my sticker album! LMae Plans' stickers are printed in matte sticker paper and is removable if peeled carefully.

Here's my entire PR kit + One Month Exclusive Kit from LMae Plans for May 2017!

Let's go through my first Pretty Cute Planner PR kit! YAY! ^_^

Here are the weekly kits I received. Not pictured here is the "Spring Break" mini kit for the Happy Planner. I will just link all the items here below. The "80's Throwback" kit is printed on a glossy sticker paper.

Also, the kits contain functional stickers, check lists, headers, label stickers, half and full box stickers, and whole lot more!

Here are the functional stickers I chose as part of my PR kit. My boss, Ma'am Julie, added some extras that are functional, too! I also picked up two washi tapes from PCP! They are the Tropical Flamingo and Rose Gold Chevron washi tape! 😍

Here's my entire PR kit from Pretty Cute Planner for April 2017!

Love what you see? Purchase them on Etsy! Links below. 

→ One Month Exclusive Pack:
→ Cute Lip Paper Clip:
→ Exclusive Sticker Sheet from the Pack:
→ Cable Bill:
→ To Do Stickers:
→ Sleepy / Angry Kitty:
→ Sleepy / Coffee Bunny:
→ YouTube Binge Stickers:
→ Film / Edit / Upload Stickers:
→ Bon Voyage Weekly Kit:

→ Flamingo Washi:
→ Rose Gold Chevron Foil Washi:
→ Kitty Litter Stickers:
→ Adulting Sucks Stickers:
→ TV Show Reminder Stickers:
→ Laundry Day Stickers:
→ Curved Half Boxes Stickers:
→ Weekend Banner Stickers:
→ Appointment Reminder Stickers:
→ HP 80's Retro Throwback Kit:
→ HP Spring Break Mini Kit:
→ HP Winter Blooms Mini Kit:

NOTE: All stickers are printed in matte sticker paper, some stickers are in glossy (PCP) and are repositionable! 


Kindly check out my unboxing videos + PWM ft. PCP (below) from my YouTube channel! ^_^

Please watch in HD! Enjoy, and subscribe for more videos! → ^___^ 

I must say, the new PR kits made me so happy! I love the vibrant colors, cute icons, the theme, the quality of the sticker paper, and so much more! I can't wait to use them for my planner, and journal!


I also PR for another sticker shop as well! So thankful I got to be in the team! Check out this amazing shop:

❤ K A R O L I N A ' S   K R A F T S ❤
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The PR Kits are sponsored by Pretty Cute Planner and LMae Plans, I am a brand representative / public relations team member for those businesses so I get stuff from them for free in exchange of reviewing their products with my honest opinions and share about it in the social media.

If anyone else have questions, don't hesitate to send me a message and I'll response as fast as I can. ^__^

                                                  With love, 

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