Friday, September 8, 2017

Pretty Cute Planner // Last PR Kit + Unboxing Video

Hello everyone! Here's a brand new post on my latest PR kit!

It's another PR kit review from the shop I represent to, Pretty Cute Planner!  

Here's my last PR kit from Pretty Cute Planner! I really had a great time during my term with Ms. Julie's PR team. I love, love, love everything she included in my PR kit, she added extras that are not available in her shop -- those really cute paper clips! Oh, and also, my PR code for her Etsy shop will be until the end of September. Thank you so much, Ms. Julie! All the best! ❤

Also, follow me on Instagram so y'all can see how I will use my PCP stickers on my planner + others. Without further do, let's get started! ❤


❤ S O C I A L   M E D I A ❤
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❤ P R E T T Y  C U T E  P L A N N E R ❤
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Here are the pictures of the stickers! Click to enlarge pics!

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Let's go through my last Pretty Cute Planner PR kit! YAY! ^_^

Like always, my PR kits from PCP comes with a note card handwritten by Ma'am Julie herself! Thank you so much! <3

In the pic below, there are some washi and foil tapes I chose in the PR package. I really love how shiny the foil tapes are when it hits a light! And look at those paper clips!!! They are NOT available in the shop, and Ma'am Julie is really spoiling us with those extra goodies! I for sure will put them in my personal planner! <3

Look at those cute character stickers!!!! I got Fynn the Flamingo, and Zumi the Unicorn cleaning, and working stickers! You guys should have them, too! Haha! It adds a lot of cuteness into your planner pages -- trust me!

Above pics are the weekly kits I chose in the package. I have ala carte sheets from the HP Christmas Critter and Hello Fall kits which are super duper cute! I can't wait to use them! An HP Hey Santa and Christmas Critter Mini Kit fit for the holiday season in my planners! I also got a Woodland Christmas Sampler and a Gold Party Sampler -- because my birthday will be soon! October 1!

Also, the kits contain functional stickers, check lists, headers, label stickers, half and full box stickers, and whole lot more!


Here's my entire PR kit from Pretty Cute Planner for August 2017! I hope you guys enjoyed what you see!

Love what you see? Purchase them on Etsy! Links below. 

→  Snowman Washi:
→  Rose Gold Foil Tape:
→  Skinny Foil Striped Tape:
→  Work Zumi Stickers:
→  Fynn Cleaning Stickers:
→  Fynn Work it Girl: 
→  Gold Party Sampler:
→  Fashion Fall Mini Kit:
→  Hey Santa Mini Kit:
→  Hello Fall Planner Stickers:
→  Christmas Critte Mini HP:
→  Christmas Critte HP Stickers:
→  Woodland Christmas Sampler:

NOTE: All stickers are printed in matte sticker paper, some stickers are in glossy (PCP) and are repositionable! 


Kindly check out my unboxing video ft. PCP (below) from my YouTube channel! ^_^

Please watch in HD! Enjoy, and subscribe for more videos! → ^___^ 


I PR for the following sticker shops as well! So thankful I got to be in the teams! Kindly mention "THEALOVES" or just "THEA" on the notes section when you check out. Check out these amazing shops:

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The PR Kit is sponsored by Pretty Cute Planner, I am a brand representative / public relations team member for those businesses so I get stuff from them for free in exchange of reviewing their products with my honest opinions and share about it in the social media.

If anyone else have questions, don't hesitate to send me a message and I'll response as fast as I can. ^__^

                                                  With love, 

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