Monday, October 16, 2017

Marshmallow Studio PR Kit // October 2017 + Unboxing Video

Hello everyone! Here's a brand new post on my latest PR kit!

It's the second PR kit review from the shop I represent to, Marshmallow Studio!  

Last month, I applied to become a PR girl from Marshmallow Studio and I am really grateful that I got in! The owners, Ms. Chantal and Mr. Kevin are really nice and kind, and very friendly as well. They sent me a bunch of really great stuff for my first PR package, and I can't believe that the package isn't just stickers!!! I had planner charms and die cuts, too! So read this post, or watch the unboxing video below to see all the amazing stuff! Thank you so much, MMS team! 
Also, follow me on Instagram so y'all can see how I will use my MMS stickers on my planner + others. Without further do, let's get started! ❤


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Here are the pictures of the stickers! Click to enlarge pics!

Don't forget to check, follow the social media! Links are stated above.

Let's go through my second Marshmallow Studio PR kit! YAY! ^_^

First off, I got 2 Bunch of Love diecuts with my name on it. The diecuts MMS offers can be personalized with your name or just as is. I think I am going to put one of those diecuts for my next dashboard project. I also got another planner charm, and you guys... I am totally a cat lady. I love cats.. Whenever I see cats, I giggle like a little child, and cats are somewhat my spirit animal. Good thing MMS has this charm so I definitely have to get it for myself! A cat lady must have a cat charm - for my planner, purse, bag, or anywhere I can take it with me!

I got 2 sheets of functional, and a deco sticker, too. A work text, and a Bunch of Love stickers. A great reminder for me for work and those date nights, anniversaries, and other stuff with my boyfriend for my planner. <3

I noticed that MMS changed their sticker papers and the one they use right now has a buttery smooth matte feel, I love it and it's quite thicker than before. ^_^

Just don't forget to use my code "MALLOWTHEA15" fro additional 15% off your order. Girl, you'll save more! 

Last thing off my October kit are these individual sheets of headers and labels from specific kits (Delicate Pastel Florals and Poppy Paperie). I am a fan and I always use headers in most of my planner spreads so I just took an ala carte sheet of these stickers. Oh how I love these type of stickers!!!

Here's my entire PR kit from Marshmallow Studio for October 2017! I hope you guys enjoyed what you see!

Love what you see? Purchase them on Etsy! Links below. 

→ Enamel Planner Charm Kawaii Cat:
→ Work Stickers:
→ Bunch of Love Stickers:
→ Poppy Paperie (Sheet 5):
→ Delicate Pastel Flowers (Sheet 5):
→ Bunch of Love Rabbit Diecut:

NOTE: All stickers are printed in matte sticker paper and are repositionable! 


Kindly check out my unboxing video ft. MMS (below) from my YouTube channel! ^_^

Please watch in HD! Enjoy, and subscribe for more videos! → ^___^ 


I PR for the following sticker shops as well! So thankful I got to be in the teams! Kindly mention "THEALOVES" or just "THEA" on the notes section when you check out. Check out these amazing shops:

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The PR Kit is sponsored by Marshmallow Studio, I am a brand representative / public relations team member for those businesses so I get stuff from them for free in exchange of reviewing their products with my honest opinions and share about it in the social media.

If anyone else have questions, don't hesitate to send me a message and I'll response as fast as I can. ^__^

                                                  With love, 

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