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Marshmallow Studio PR Kit // September 2017 + Unboxing Video

Hello everyone! Here's a brand new post on my latest PR kit!

It's the first PR kit review from the shop I represent to, Marshmallow Studio!  

Last month, I applied to become a PR girl from Marshmallow Studio and I am really grateful that I got in! The owners, Ms. Chantal and Mr. Kevin are really nice and kind, and very friendly as well. They sent me a bunch of really great stuff for my first PR package, and I can't believe that the package isn't just stickers!!! I had planner charms and die cuts, too! So read this post, or watch the unboxing video below to see all the amazing stuff! Thank you so much, MMS team! 

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Here are the pictures of the stickers! Click to enlarge pics!

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Let's go through my first Marshmallow Studio PR kit! YAY! ^_^

First off, here 's the cutest packaging I've ever gotten! The mailer has a koala with the banner that says "Happy Mail from Down Under". MMS is actually based in Perth, Australia! So every happy mail with your purchase from MMS greets you with that cute koala! A national symbol of Australia that is well known for. ^_^

Look at those fall themed pocket dividers, planner charms, and a cute thank you card from the MMS owners! The dividers can be used any way you want - storage for your die cuts, stickers, receipts, and other paper stuff. It comes with a sticker tab and a clear sticker tab to protect your dividers and for labeling the tabs. I dunno yet how am I going to use mine, so for now, I stored it.

I got not just one, but two, fancy planner charms! I got a dog and a heart arrow charms - they're perfect for your TN's, and planners of your choice. Can be used as a charm for your bags, or wallets, too! The options are endless!

Also in this pic is a lovely handwritten thank you card from the MMS owners! Just so you know, the design of the card is 100% hand drawn! Very original and I love it! Ahh! I love receiving handwritten cards as it felt so sincere and thank you so much, too!

I must say that die cuts are totally in demand these days. Almost all shops I know sells one in different designs, hand drawn or not. Then I received 5, lovely, hand drawn designed die cuts! All items directly to the Etsy shop links are stated at the last part of this blog.

In addition to this PR kit includes a little gift from the owners. Those pens, a scented gel pen and a pencil with an Australian design is a gift from Ms. Chantal and Mr. Kev! How lovely is that??! Thanks so much for those souvenirs!

These are the functional stickers they offer in the shop! They have stickers you WILL definitely need! From banners, to checklists, to functional and decorative ones, you name it! And obviously, there are more new releases to come every week! Just don't forget to use my code "MALLOWTHEA15" fro additional 15% off your order. Girl, you'll save more! 

By the way, all the stickers are printed in a matte sticker paper and is removable if peeled carefully.

Last thing off my September PR kit from MMS is this Fall Themed Planner Stickers! I think they are sized for the Erin Condren vertical, but that's alright since I can whip it up and use the stickers on my own way - not just for the specific planner. That's how I roll, haha. I seriously adore shop owners that designs their own sticker kits, like this one.

The kit is purely hand drawn and totally original. The designs are so fit for fall, as well as the colors. The kit includes your usual full box, checklists, check boxes, flags, and some more - I don't have the rest of the kit, but you may purchase them separately or as the whole kit. 

Here's my entire PR kit from Marshmallow Studio for September 2017! I hope you guys enjoyed what you see!

Love what you see? Purchase them on Etsy! Links below. 

→ Most Loyal Dog Enamel Planner Charm:
→ Choccie Cake Die-Cut:
→ Fox Sleeping Die-Cut:
→ Owl and Moon Die-Cut:
→ Planner Book Stickers:
→ Beauty Fails Stickers:
→ French Poodle Stickers:
→ Emoji Sheep Stickers:
→ Fri-Yay Banner Stickers:
→ Banner Stickers:

→ Fox and Fall Stickers:
→ Flossie Cleans Stickers:
→ Checklist Planner Stickers:
→ Fox and Fall - Flags, Checklists and Half Boxes:
→ Fox and Fall - Full Boxes:
→ Fox and Fall - Checklist:
→ Pocket Dividers - Fall Edition:

NOTE: All stickers are printed in matte sticker paper and are repositionable! 


Kindly check out my unboxing video ft. MMS (below) from my YouTube channel! ^_^

Please watch in HD! Enjoy, and subscribe for more videos! → ^___^ 


I PR for the following sticker shops as well! So thankful I got to be in the teams! Kindly mention "THEALOVES" or just "THEA" on the notes section when you check out. Check out these amazing shops:

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The PR Kit is sponsored by Marshmallow Studio, I am a brand representative / public relations team member for those businesses so I get stuff from them for free in exchange of reviewing their products with my honest opinions and share about it in the social media.

If anyone else have questions, don't hesitate to send me a message and I'll response as fast as I can. ^__^

                                                  With love, 

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