Hi, my name is Thea. A twentieth-century girl who's obsessed with Blur, Weezer, Alex James, Rivers Cuomo, 90's, Chris Evans, SMOSH, Ryan Higa, videogames, music, cars, cute stuff, and cats. A proud Catholic, and a lover of God.

I also love food... American, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, Japanese, and Mexican food. Sometimes I make my own appetizers and desserts at home but I can't live without a good serving of pizza with lots of meat... oh, and that oozing, melty, and gooey mozzarella cheese...and splash it out with an ice cold milk chocolate drink! I feel like I'm always hungry like the wolf. :P

Welcome to my world of... 

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  • No, not the movie or the song itself. This blog is created last June of 2014 to write my thoughts, reviews, ideas, what I have in my mind, and a little bit of everything to share with the use of the World Wide Web. You see, my blog is some kind of everything. Read some of my posts and see for yourself.
  • But this is actually not my first time to write a blog. I wrote my very first blog in February of 2009, I was 14 then, and I made it on my account on NASCAR.com because since when I was in my 2nd year of high school, I am obsessed with cars and racing.
  • I chose this as my pseudonym in some of my social media accounts and in the online world because I'm the person who doesn't like to share any of my personal information. Those should be kept private.
  • 11 is my favorite number. For some reasons, it's a lucky number for me, too.
  • Okay, I don't really 'avenge' something. It never meant that I'm a bad person, I just want to be like a member of the Avengers. :P
  • As of February 1, 2017, I decided to change this blog handle from "AvengerThea11" to "TheaLoves".

  1. I own 4 cats, 4 kittens, and 1 dog, I love them so much and they are my best friends. <3
  2. I'm a proud 90's kid, I love Blur and Weezer -- they are 90's alternative rock bands.
  3. Chris Evans (that Captain America guy) is my ultimate crush! <3
  4. I'm a long time fan of sports like NASCAR, NFL, and WWE.
  5. If you'd ask, my favorite NASCAR driver is Martin Truex, Jr.
  6. My favorite NFL team and player is the New England Patriots, and of course, Tom Brady.
  7. Christian (Captain Charisma) is my all-time favorite WWE Superstar.
  8. I fear of thunder and lightning.
  9. I only like Taylor Swift's songs, not herself.
  10. I own hundreds of books and magazines. Oh, and I collect a lot of stuff as well - from music, to collectibles, etc.
  11. My name has been printed on a local kids magazine, 'K-Zone' four times. It was during my elementary years.
  12. I love L.A. Noire, that 1940's-themed Rockstar Games video game. I admit that I'm a gamer.
  13. I'm interested in US Geography and History, World War II, General Knowledge, and Greek Mythology. I just love the United States.
  14. I'm a sucker for achieving my grandest ambitions, and the ultimate one is to work somewhere in NASCAR.

  • I honestly stated all my personal opinions on every reviews I post. However, I don't endorse any business or brands in them.
  • I do not own any videos, .GIF, or images on my posts, unless otherwise stated. Credits are labeled below each of them.
  • Background image with my watermark starting posts from 2017 is designed by Creative_hat - Freepik.com.

With love, 

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